Drinking Wine In a Hotel Bathroom ~ A Cue You Haven't Found Your Tribe


I went to a networking event tonight. I registered for this event months in advance.

The feminist in me was excited to celebrate 100 years of women in business in my community.

This was a well attended event. There were many new faces.

I snagged a glass of wine because even tho I’m an extravert these kinds of social situations make me generally uncomfortable. 🍷Liquid courage yo.

I hate the transactional exchange and the lack of depth in conversation. Here is my business card, call me if you want x,y,z.

Not how I do business.

Anyway after nibbling on a couple bites of food at an empty table I decided to try and make myself talk to a couple people.

Awkward AF

Then I was straight up stiffed by a couple women I thought I had connections with. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I ended up drinking my wine in the bathroom to plan my exit strategy.

Because: Not my people.

My tribe makes eye contact and smiles brightly.

They give hugs and compliments.

The conversation is deep and easy.

When they ask how I am I can say I’ve cried 2 hours today and the struggle is real.

I ducked into the bathroom and found myself relieved to find chairs to sit down in.

I sank into into a seat and immediately began to process why I wanted to slip out a side door.

I teared up and text a lady boss friend.

Because: Not my tribe.

Like Danielle LaPorte says “Find your tribe, love them hard”.

I’ve got a LOT of love to give my friends.

Sometimes you have to connect with people who aren’t your tribe to find the ones you are meant to be with.

Who knew drinking wine in a bathroom would be so enlightening!?!

Anyone else have a silly situation that helped you see you needed to move on to find your tribe??