8 Signs You're Burned Out AND much more importantly, WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!


I'm in a Facebook Group that shared the above visual (not sure the source as it was not credited).

I took the liberty of creating a few tips for each point....because it drives me nutty to see "signs" without the "what to do about it".

I don't know a single high performing femprenur who's burnt out and clueless about what's going on.

I do however know a LOT of women who are burnt out and not sure what to do about it (this is why they hire me) so here are my tips, I hope you find them useful!

  1. You're not taking care of your basic needs

    1. Start with the basics: Food, water, rest, hygiene.

    2. Once you have this down explore what you are prioritizing so much that your basic needs are on the back burner.

    3. Strategically move yourself to the front burner

  2. You're Snoozing Your Alarm Too Much

    1. Lady! This means you are either TIRED or you are dreading something in your life.

    2. If you are tired, get more sleep! Try going to bed earlier (this may require making requests from your partner like "shut the darn TV off), take a nap or change your alarm time (this may require that you eliminate something from your day so you get adequate rest).

    3. Figure out how much sleep you need (this varies during high stress or times of transition).

    4. If you are dreading something figure out what it is and start creating change so you don't have to spend so much time avoiding it. Example: I had a client who dreaded her Monday morning meetings with her boss. The anticipation ruined her weekend. I suggested she try "moving the meeting up to Friday afternoon" so she had it completed before the weekend. Her boss agreed and her weekends were no longer filled with dread!

  3. Your To-Do List is Overwhelming

    1. Start saying No.

    2. Remove things from the list that aren't urgent and place them on a different list. Look at the two lists separately.

    3. Delegate

    4. Ask for or hire help

    5. Carve out time to check off the most overwhelming thing (usually, the overwhelm comes from emotion tied to the task).

  4. Your Life Doesn't Motivate You

    1. What do you want that you don't have?

    2. What are you not doing that you want to do?

    3. What barriers keep you from joy and satisfaction? (maybe it's taking a class or doing something for pure pleasure)

    4. If you can't find anything to get excited about or find motivation in seek support, this is a sign of depression and you may need therapy or medications (or both).

  5. You're Not Having a Break

    1. Block time off on your schedule

    2. Hold yourself accountable to take your lunch and other breaks without multitasking

    3. Plan 2 hours to 2 days (weekend) to step away from your life and enjoy a reprieve. YES, this may take planning and it can be challenging but you deserve it, woman!

  6. You're Getting Overly Irritated by Other People

    1. Of course,you are! You are doing too much! This point is just for validation.

    2. Step away to re-group

    3. Do whatever it takes to decrease stimulation (noise, lights, screens)

    4. Set boundaries! (I have a hilarious story about my co-worker interrupting me a bazillion times a day during my divorce and how I created barriers in my office so she couldn't continue to interrupt my work).

    5. Do less....like way less. Take things off your plate. You do not have to feel irritated all the time.

  7. Your're Living on Auto Pilot

    1. Try to figure out what you have given up on or what you are avoiding.....it can be easy to disengage and let autopilot be good enough rather than address issues or longings in our lives.

    2. Don't beat yourself up, sometimes we are tapped out and don't have any extra bandwidth to flip the switch from autopilot to manual. Being aware is a good enough place to start.

  8. Your Thoughts Are Negative

    1. Notice what is playing on repeat in your head.

    2. Explore where you are feeling powerless.

    3. Commit to changing one of those negative thought patterns.

    4. Notice how it feels when you create a new mindset.

Hope this gives you a few "what to do ideas"! Tell me which one was your fav!!