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I can do better than this!

Why I’m chucking my 12-year-old vibrator in the trash!

I’m sitting in a glossy black, and white subway tiled wine bar with Joanna Gaines inspired decor and floor to ceiling windows. Its a perfect afternoon in October and the pacific northwest gives up the goods with her orgasmic beauty.

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Girl Skis Naked

Last week I dropped into SLC for a quick ski trip with my husband. We rolled out of bed at 4 am to catch the 6am flight out of Sioux Falls, connected through Denver and hit the slopes by 11am MST.

After drinking one tiny airplane cup of water and one coffee over the course of 6 hours, I took a couple of runs, ate a quick lunch, chugged a beer and…

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Self-Care Action Plan

When I was a social worker I often provided intervention for suicidal patients. In the realm of healthcare a "suicide safety plan" is a routine intervention utilized for patients who experience suicidal ideation. I remember the first time I ever created one.

It was my FIRST week after graduating with my master's degree and I was covering…

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What losing my s*** with a telemarketer taught me about self-care

How I got triggered by a seemingly harmless call and worked my way back to being OK.

It’s the Friday after Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh testified on Kavanaugh’s nomination to a lifetime appointment to the supreme court.

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