How do you not get drowned by the…| Lisa Kuzman Coaching | Self-Care & Wellness Coach, Therapist, and Mentor

✧ Unexpected (and unreasonable) project deadlines that make your eyes blur.
✧ Last minute Friday night babysitter cancellation after surviving a hellish week.
✧ Migraines that only chill out with an extra glass of Riesling...

You know, the everyday crap that’s got you feeling heavier than eating an entire package of thin mints (no judgment here).


When you’re ready to dump all the things you’ve got on your plate and run away from your life, you’re going to hear someone say that you need to make you a priority first.

That you need to put self-care at the top of your to-do list.

And that’s when you want to punch the person who said it in the face.

You’ve done all the things you were told were self-care. But you’re still anxious that you’re going to screw things up.

You want things to be perfect and under control, so being told to go with the flow and just “be” pisses you off more than arriving at the dry cleaners 2 minutes after they closed.

The "self-care" things you tried don’t feel like self-care. They feel like another chore that you don’t have the time or energy or interest for…

And that makes you feel even more like shit about yourself as you stare at the pile of overdue laundry sitting on top of the washing machine and wonder if you need to throw your self-esteem in with the darks.

And you deserve a better way….

Choose from the options below | Lisa Kuzman Coaching | Self-Care & Wellness Coach, Therapist, and Mentor

Pit Stop

30 Day Program

We will utilize my Time Cleanse Process to identify a schedule that gives you room to breathe AND focus on the things that matter most. Your new time awareness will put traditional time management tools to shame.

  • This process positions you to make clear headed and heart centered decisions about what necessary changes you will require.

  • Moving forward you will know exactly what to do to sustain your newly curated lifestyle.

  • With my Course Correction Matrix in hand you will easily be able to continue to navigate the tides of change without getting thrown off course.

Set Your sights

90 day program

Month 1: Includes the Time Cleanse Process as outlined in the Pit Stop Program.
Months 2 & 3: We will customize my Honor YOU Method to fit your unique needs.

  • Learn a new way of showing up and free yourself up from the guilty, irritable, people pleasing reactions that haunt your daily life.

  • Know what to do when the shit hits the fan and you feel like you are drowning.

  • Discover how to sustain a lifestyle that saves your relationship with yourself, your partner and your career.

Self-care Immersion

six month mentorship

Month 1: Pit Stop Program as outlined.
Month 2 & 3: Set Your Sights Program as outlined.
Month 4-6: Skill Refinement - Communication, Boundaries, Problem Solving.

  • You will find your voice and the confidence needed to say what needs to be said.

  • You will learn how to identify your limits and negotiate relationships, expectations, and manage guilt so you can live the life you want.

  • You will figure out how to assess challenging situations, identify what course of action is required and implement it with ease.

Must Have Mastermind| Lisa Kuzman Coaching | Self-Care & Wellness Coach, Therapist, and Mentor


  • Figure out how self care last can last longer than your Toasted White Chocolate Mocha.

  • Establish a lifestyle that offers you daily respite so you don't have to put all your eggs in the perfect annual vacation basket.

  • Identify the sweet spot of ease and eliminate the 3am panic that you've forgotten something critical.

  • Find the focus and attention span to stay connected to your partner and to hear what your kids are trying to tell you.

  • The ability to react and respond the way you intend rather than snapping off at an inopportune moment and regretting it later.

6 months of Self-care badassery

  • VIP FaceBook Group

  • Monthly Group Q&A Calls

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls

  • All 8 Modules of the Honor YOU Methodology

  • Goal Setting, Implementation & Accountability

  • All content from both the Pit Stop & Set Your Sights Programs

Lisa Kuzman Coaching | Self-Care & Wellness Coach, Therapist, and Mentor

*All sales final, no refunds. If you pay, you play.

Lisa Kuzman Coaching | Self-Care & Wellness Coach, Therapist, and Mentor

The problem with self-care is that it’s not systematic.

It lacks a methodology that makes sense and brings results that actually matter to you - like being able to breathe. To feel like you’re not losing your shit. To reconnect to that part of you that likes to go with the flow at the same time that you are kicking ass at all areas of life. Self-care is a lifestyle choice. Let me show you how to create a renewable and sustainable way of life that gives you the relief you crave.

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