Taking self-care from "I wish" to "must have"

Because sporadic massages and the annual family vacation aren't generating the ROI your soul requires. I teach stress-filled leaders how to ditch ineffective self-care tactics and transform overwhelm into a methodology that gives you back your life.

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+ Do you have a client contract?

Absolutely! You will electronically review and sign your client agreement as a part of the onboarding process.

+ Do you travel to speak & facilitate?

Oh yeah! I absolutely love to travel and I can easily hop on a plane, train or automobile and come to your community or place of business to work with you!

+ Do you work with clients virtually?

Of course! All coaching sessions will be completed virtually via phone or video conferencing.

+ Do you have a scholarship for clients who can not afford your rates?

Accessibility is an important consideration which is why I created a scholarship opportunity through a program I call The Gift of Giving. Please contact me for an application.

+ Can I donate money to your scholarship program?

Yes of course! My scholarship program is called The Gift of Giving and you can donate at anytime to support someone who needs my services but is unable to afford my rates.

+ Do I have to pay in full?

No, you do not need to pay in full. You do however need to work with me and my team to find an agreeable payment plan.

+ Do you do refunds?

Nope. If you pay, you play. When the stars aligned enough for you land on my page, go through the onboarding process and pay for a high level coaching program then it's time to trust the process.